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About Us

My name is Nick and I am an independent locksmith and PVCu repair specialist. I am 34 and live in Hertfordshire, with my partner and our 3 year old son. 

Before training as a locksmith I worked many different jobs including selling doors and windows, working in a betting shop, and working for a DIY store.

After many years of deliberating over it, and teaching myself how to pick locks, I decided to quit my job and do a City & Guilds approved training course to learn all the proper techniques needed for the trade. 
I did the course in June 2019 and then less than 2 months after completing it I was officially up and running as of August 1st 2019. 

The last 2 years have been a struggle with a new business and young family but thanks to my family and the support from my customers I have managed to not only make the business last, but also grow. I now offer replacement glazing and PVCu and composite repairs along side the locksmith services.

 As the business continues to grow I hope to soon offer more services such as CCTV, alarms, and access control.

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